Two Great Styles to Choose From!
Decorative & "Reel" Movie Film Tins

We are proud of the array of film tins we offer!  They are perfect for parties, as gifts or for decorations.  Stuff them with goodies or presents 
or choose one our specialty film tins already done for you -ready
to be shipped for you!  The perfect gift and keepsake for 
year-round happiness!  Make a lasting impression with 
these refillable movie film tins. A decorative gift Idea! 
Filled with treats or given alone, they are sure to please!

(Ask us about our seasonal gift tins and custom personalization!)



"Reel" Movie Film Tins
Available in Six Sizes!

Capture the essence of filming at its best!  These real "reel" movie film tins are  perfect for the stars in your life!  From corporate parties to holiday gift ideas, whether used to "wrap" your gifts or simply used as a special decoration, these tins are sure to enhance any event or special occasion!

1.  3-3/4" x 1-3/4"        #424001

2.  5-1/4" x 1-3/4"        #424201

3.  7" x 1-3/4"               #424101

4.  10-3/4" x 1-3/4"      #427001    $10.99

5.  12" x 1-3/4"             #427501    $12.99

6.  15" x 1-3/4"            #428001     $14.99 

Decorative Film Tins & Gifts

Decorative Movie Film Tin

The perfect gift and keepsake for everyone! Make a lasting impression with this refillable decorative metal movie film tin. Decorated with film strip 
and movie cameras.
10" x 2" Diameter.

#ALC40271 $14.99

*Desklamp sold separately

"Chocolate Lovers"
Decorative Film Tin

A gift that's sure to please every chocolate lover! Our decorative movie film tin is filled with 1lb. of delicious Hersey's Chocolate Kisses with Almonds or Minature Snickers Chocolate Bars, with black gift shreds, wrapped up in our XL clapboard gift bag with matching black tissue paper.  This gift is perfect for any occassion!

Regular Price: $29.99  SAVE $5

Kisses - #ALC72KISS $24.99

Snickers - #ALC73SNIK $24.99

* Desklamp sold separately

"Movie Lovers"
Decorative Film Tin

The perfect combination for movie lovers of all ages! Everyone will enjoy our 10" decorative film tin stuffed with a $5 Blockbuster Gift Card for movie rentals, 2 kinds of popcorn, 2 kinds of movie candy and black gift shreds, all wrapped up in our XL movie clapboard gift bag with matching black tissue paper. 
A perfect night at the movies!

Regular Price: $34.99  SAVE $5

#ALC100ML $29.99

*Desklamp sold separately

"Film Enthusiasts"
Decorative Film Tin

Film enthusiasts of all ages will adore these "superstar" keepsakes! Our best selling clapboard photo frame along with a clapboard key chain with black gift shreds in our 10" decorative "reel" film tin- Wrapped in our XL movie clapboard gift bag with matching 
black tissue paper.

Regular Price: $34.99  SAVE $5!

#ALC200FE  $29.99 

*Desklamp sold separately

Gift Wrapping

We'll not only ship it for you, we'll gift wrap it too!

Add $4.99

Regular Price: $5.99  SAVE $1!

#GW00 $4.99

*Desklamp sold separately

Custom Name or Logo 
Film Tin

Customize your order! Add your name or logo to personalize your gift. 

(Setup fees apply.) 

Call for details: 1-800-440-1556. 


Quantity Discounts & 
Custom Orders Available.

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