About Take 1

"Take 1" is a specialty catalog company that markets film gifts to film enthusiasts of all ages. We offer unique products at great values mel.jpg (6062 bytes)as well as direct delivery of our gifts for the convenience of our customers. The co-founder and CEO is Melinda Lintner. She has actively worked in the television and film industry for over twelve years. The past nine years have been dedicated to her career as extras casting director for a large production company in San Diego. She has cast thousands of extras on ten national television shows and more than two dozen movies and films, including the #1 box office hit, "Bring It On."

"Take 1" is one of the first companies to offer a vast selection of film related products on one  website. Our customers include the film industry, marketing firms, promotional companies and film enthusiasts. We have something for everyone! Our merchandise department and main office is located near San Diego in Carlsbad, California. Thank you for visiting us on the World Wide Web! Relax and enjoy a positive on-line shopping experience.

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